31 Goals for the Remainder of 2016

31 Goals for the Remainder of 2016

There are only a few months left in the year and I wanted to take the time to remind myself of my current goals in addition to adding new ones.

This is more of a brain dump than a formalized list. It’s always great to jot down your thoughts. It’s therapeutic. Give it a shot.

  1. Quit smoking

  2. Limit alcohol to Friday & Saturday

  3. Exercise daily

  4. Drink more water

  5. Read several books (at least one per month)

  6. Start writing again

  7. Take my vitamins every day

  8. Automate my savings

  9. Train for half marathon

  10. Run a half marathon

  11. Start stretching more

  12. Get back to Yoga

  13. Start outlining my book

  14. Write articles 2–3 days per week

  15. Plan a trip with my daughter

  16. Meditate daily

  17. Consistently get 8–9 hours of sleep per day

  18. Write down what I’m thankful for weekly

  19. Eliminating processed food & sugar

  20. Start a food diary

  21. Obtain my PMP certification

  22. Take walking breaks

  23. Start a new hobby

  24. Attend a new concert

  25. Surf more often

  26. Put more thought into responses

  27. Mindfully practice effective communication

  28. Reflect on my week each Sunday

  29. Jot down personal goals for the upcoming week

  30. Live in the moment

  31. Update my goals on a routine basis

Feel free to share with me your goals for the remainder of the year.